Employee Interview: Hiral Gandhi

With the weekend just around the corner it’s time to introduce you to our next colleague. As the spotlight is on our newest IT member Hiral Gandhi, we chose to stick to a language she’s more familiar with.

Have you ever applied for a job in a foreign country, not being able to fully understand the native language but still got an offer during the first interview? Well, Hiral has. She recently joined our IT department as a working student. Not only being new to moovin but Germany in general, the first days in our office have been quite exciting for her. Though it was challenging to become acquainted with the software and internal processes, she describes her first week as amazing.

Her main task is to help develop new features for our moovin web-app, putting her coding skills to work. Furthermore Hiral will be writing her Master’s thesis on an AI-related topic, while simultaneously implementing a real AI-feature at moovin. We are excited! As she’s still a student, Hiral really enjoys working on real projects, enhancing her skills and learning lots of new things from her colleagues.

One thing she is not too eager for is planning cool office trips (not that it’s her job anyways). Another weakness she revealed is being shy while talking to new people (can’t confirm that one) and doesn’t like beer (definitely a confirmed weakness). On the other hand Hiral is always good for a laugh – even at stupid jokes. Another strength or accomplishment of her is being able to live and work in a new country far from home. Hirals top-notch address for living is the eiffel tower. To be exact the top of it, as the view is unbeatable. Her forecast concerning moovin: „Selling and renting the best properties all over Europe.“ Apparently Hiral cries while watching emotional moovies and loves to have a energy drink after work – works drains all her energy. Cheers to that and have a nice weekend everyone.

Employee Hilal

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